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Philippines $3/hour $520/month
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Last Updated: February 21, 2019

Why hire me?

Wilfredo already has experience working with an eCommerce store. The store owner said:

“He handled customer service (first level), invoices, processing orders, supplier order handling (tracking numbers, aged orders, etc), and to a small extent social media posting with Hootsuite (though this wasn’t a strong point). I paid him an increasing rate over the 5 years, up to $850 per month plus a $70 monthly stipend for a backup internet connection and health insurance. He was very reliable and didn’t have any internet issues. His role was moved to a US-based person.”

He also has experience working on a BPO industry for about 5 years. He handled technical support for various products such as HP consumer printer users and Microsoft Operating system. He also handled customer service for Amazon, Comcast and Microsoft clients.

Skills & Experience

  • Magento – Able to update product information, update product compatibility table. Update inventory. Manage customer order by uploading tracking info and process refunds.
  • Asana – Managing and updating task checklist assigned to me.
  • Hootsuite – manage social media posting.


Writing Sample

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Days & Time: I would prefer full-time work but I'm also open for part-time work. I'm flexible with time work schedule. Whatever my employer and I agreed on will do.
Current availability: 40 hours per week
Currently working with: None

Payment Method

Primary (preferred): Paypal

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My Certificate 3

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