Lucille L Virtual Assistant

Philippines $3/hour $260/month
Google SheetsMS excelPhotoshopTrelloUSA/EU/AU Timezone
Last Updated: February 21, 2019

Why hire me?

I can work part time or full time, depends on the needs of the employer
I may not have experience working online but I am eager to learn new skills and continuously improve the skills I have
I can work alone or with a team
I am responsible and trustworthy
I am shy at first but I can easily get along well with people at work


Skills & Experiences

  • Google Sheets – Can apply functions ( example: using the function “COUNTIF”). Can do conditional formatting (rules; to change the cell color for certain data in a column – yellow background for all the cells with North, to give red text color for values with less than/ equal to 0 and green for values greater than/ equal to 50.)
  • Photoshop – Able to photo edit. Can do copy/paste image to another image. Can multiply an object. Add a shadow to the subject. Able to photo retouch – remove freckles.
  • Excel – Able to apply functions like VLOOKUP, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGE, SUM and etc..
  • Trello – Able to create boards, add lists and tasks. Can assign members responsible for the task. Add due date. Can change the background.


Typing Speed

40 WPM (166 CPM)
100% accuracy


Working Space

Writing Sample

We ask each candidate to provide an example that showcases both their English writing skills and their approach to customer service. We do not edit the piece so you can see what you’ll get if you hire.


Days & Time: Morning or Night. Part-time.
Current availability: 20 hours per week
Currently working with:

eCommerce University
Certificates of Completion

My Certificate 3

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eCommerce University
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