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Kenya $150 KSh/hour $40,000 KSh/month
CopywritingGraphic Design
Last Updated: December 7, 2019

Why hire me?

I am a creative person who is able to come up with content that is both concise and interesting. I have excellent writing and communication skills. I am always thinking beyond the normal realms of ideas.

I always endeavor to always learn a new skill that I don’t have. This I believe is the only way one can keep abreast of the changing trends in modern-day to day life but most importantly, learn several skills that are vital for success in today’s world.

I am a stickler to details, and my happiest moments have been when everything goes as I had anticipated. I always enjoy whenever these moments can be achieved as an individual or as a team. I can work under strict deadlines because with proper planning I can have dynamic timing to achieve my goals.

I am a quick learner and always cheerful when I get the opportunity to transfer this knowledge to others. I believe
candle doesn’t go off when it lights another. I am a people person, able to communicate and understand ideas. I believe in consultation in order to come up with a comprehensive and conclusive decision whenever a crisis is to be solved.


Days & Time: Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM
Current availability: 40 hours per week
Currently working with: No client but social media marketing with a private organization.

Payment Method

Primary (preferred): Western Union or M-Pesa

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