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Last Updated: July 15, 2019

Why hire me?

I am a capable professional with almost 6 years of experience in the BPO industry. I started as an agent for 2 years and I got promoted to a supervisory position for almost 4 years.

As a project supervisor our roles were to manage research projects and makes certain that data is delivered accurately and in a timely manner, formulates Structured Query Language to send commands to the engine and generate information from the database, administers proper sample usage to manage the quotas efficiently, makes daily reports on project statistics and sample analysis/assessment of projects, manages project sample and quotas for U.S. counterparts, communicates directly with Project Managers, Project Directors and Supervisors from local and the U.S.A. and submits reports pertaining handled projects with explicit details.

As a graduate of eCommerce university, we are taught on how to use google docs, google sheet, online project management tools like trello and basecamp, screen-casting and searching for the good image and adding right attribution.

My background, along with my ability to learn quickly and efficiently, will enable me to be a valuable part of your company. My business skills, attention to detail, and general aptitude all have served me in my previous endeavors.

The approach to my work goes beyond the job description as I am always looking for a way to improve results.

Skills & Experiences

  • Trelloable to create a board, adding lists and cards, setting up due dates and assigning members to each task and inviting members to the board.
  • Photoshopable to edit/crop images and able to use the basic toolbars.
  • Screencast-O-Maticable to screencast images or certain pages, to edit cropped images and to record videos both active windows and camera.
  • Google Sheetsable to create, copy, hide and delete spreadsheet, how to name them properly, how to format and use efficient formulae that will help to calculate the sum, percentages, averages and manipulate the data entered in the spreadsheet.
  • Google Docs able to create and name google docs, to save and store google docs, to add and reply to comments, highlight and suggest edits for specific parts of the text and to make changes directly in the document.

Writing Sample

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Days & Time: I will be okay to start as part-time, it will not be a problem. I will be available all the time but I prefer to work in the mornings since I will be more productive that time. Though I'm flexible and willing to adjust whatever is available.
Current availability: 40 hours per week
Currently working with: None

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