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Recruiting, done for you.

With exclusive access to 1,000+ students currently studying with eCommerce University as well as the candidates of Kazi Work we are sure to find the perfect employee for your business – money back guarantee.
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Allow us to recruit for you, at no risk

We understand how much of your precious time and energy it takes to find the perfect online employee for your company. That’s exactly why we’re offering to find the right candidate for you. A candidate with:

  • proven online work skills,
  • the right attitude, and
  • an ability to understand your business needs and help you grow your online store.

Shortlisted candidates with specific Online Work skills

Rest assured that we’ll carefully select the best employees for your business from the many candidate profiles listed in our database. We’ll:

  • save you time browsing through worker profiles, and
  • ensure ALL shortlisted candidates have the job qualifications you’re looking for.
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We’ve already vetted all the candidates for you!

All Kazi Work job candidates are graduates of eCommerce University. This means they’ve undergone professional training and have passed all the necessary work-related quizzes and assignments in order to be considered and listed with us.

Prior to shortlisting them for a job we perform a background check by reviewing their lesson transcript and test results; we know their strengths, how responsive they are and what motivates them.

Hire the candidate whose personality is a perfect match for your business

Talent and education are not enough! We take the recruiting process further by:

  • Ensuring shortlisted candidates’ skills and attitudes to online work are favourable.
  • Teaching them successful behaviours and habits for working online.
  • Encouraging them to create a productive home working environment and equipping themselves with suitable tools and an adequate internet connection.
  • We avoid offering candidates who say, “Yes”, to every job opportunity and instead, carefully pick those who match your expectations.

As a result we minimise the potential for disappointment – for both parties involved.

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The selected candidate’s not what you expected?

Changed your mind? Need someone else? No problem!
If, for whatever reason, the candidate we’ve offered you doesn’t work out, we’ll get you a replacement for the same position at NO extra cost. Give our hassle-free, risk-free and time-saving recruiting process a try!

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps!

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Complete the online job questionnaire form

Choose from a shortlist of the best job candidates

Get started with your new employee!

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Price: Only $495 per candidate

Minimise the stress and risk of hiring your next specialised online employee by choosing a trained, vetted and motivated candidate you can rely on.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee